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POWERHANDZ Weighted Baseball Gloves

POWERHANDZ Weighted Baseball Gloves

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Weighted Pure Grip Baseball Gloves, For Strength and Resistance Training

Maximize Your Strength and Performance with Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves

Take your strength and resistance training to the next level with POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves.

These gloves have been designed with weight distributed across the top side and a grip material on the palm, similar to baseball batting gloves.

Whether you are a professional athlete or looking to improve your performance, these gloves will help you develop unbeatable strength and control.

Develop Finger and Forearm Strength with Resistance Training Gloves

POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves are designed to increase proprioception, which is your awareness of your body's position in space.

The weight distributed across the top side of the gloves creates a challenge for your muscles and nervous system, which results in improved proprioceptive abilities.

By improving proprioception, you'll be able to react faster to unexpected movements and make more accurate throws and catches on the field.

This increased awareness of your body's movements can also translate to improved performance in other sports and activities.

Create Muscle Memory for Improved Performance with Pure Grip Training Gloves

The glove's weight and grip material combination creates a unique training tool to help you build muscle memory for proper grip and control of the bat during a full swing.

Using these gloves regularly during batting practice allows you to train your muscles to perform at their best with extra speed and strength.

This muscle memory can also help you maintain proper form during high-pressure game situations, leading to improved performance and increased confidence.

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