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POWERHANDZ Weighted Softball Gloves

POWERHANDZ Weighted Softball Gloves

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Get the edge on the field and elevate your game with our training gloves.

Build finger and forearm strength, improve proprioception, and create muscle memory with POWERHANDZ Softball Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves

Develop Forearm and Finger Strength for Improved Performance

Increase your performance on the field with POWERHANDZ Softball Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves.

These gloves help you build strength and resistance for better control over the bat during a full swing.

The weight is distributed across the top side of the gloves, allowing you to train your fingers and forearms, improving your grip and control over the bat.

The gloves' resistance also helps to develop proprioception, which is the awareness of the position and movement of your body, which ultimately improves your coordination and reaction time.

These gloves are perfect for softball players looking to improve their hitting performance.

Build Muscle Memory with Flexibility and Durability

POWERHANDZ Softball Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves are made with four-way nylon stretch fabric that provides durability and flexibility during movement.

This fabric allows you to have a full range of motion while training, essential for building muscle memory.

Muscle memory is crucial because it allows you to perform movements with extra speed and strength, even when you're not consciously thinking about them.

By using these gloves regularly, you'll be able to develop muscle memory that will help you hit the ball more challenging and more accurately on the field.

Boost Your Softball Training with Weighted Resistance

The weighted resistance of these gloves is what sets them apart from other training gloves.

The added weight helps to increase resistance during your training, ultimately leading to more robust and powerful swings.

The grip material on the palm is similar to that of a baseball batting glove, providing extra traction and preventing the bat from slipping out of your hands.

Using these gloves during training will improve your hitting technique and build the necessary strength and endurance to succeed on the field.

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