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POWERHANDZ Pop-Up Defender

POWERHANDZ Pop-Up Defender

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Patent Pending collapsible barrier designed to simulate live defenders during play

Train Like a Pro with the POWERHANDZ Pop-Up Defender!

Are you tired of using garbage cans, chairs, and cones as makeshift defenders during practice?

Upgrade your training routine with the patent-pending POWERHANDZ Pop-Up Defender.

This collapsible barrier is designed to simulate live defenders during play, allowing you to improve your fundamentals, accuracy, and agility.

With a height of 40 inches, it mimics the size of a real defender and challenges you to make better decisions on the court or field.

The innovative design is superior to other training methods, providing a durable and convenient solution for simulating gameplay.

Simplistic Design for Coaches and Athletes The POWERHANDZ Pop-Up Defender is the perfect choice for coaches and athletes who are always on the go.

Its simplistic design is easily collapsible, making it easy to store and travel.

With quick setup and clean-up, you can spend more time training and less time setting up equipment.

The barrier is also lightweight, making moving from one location to another easy.

It's the ideal sports equipment for indoor or outdoor use, designed to improve your game no matter where you practice.

Built-In Storage Space for Convenience, Keeping your gym or field clean and organized is essential for any athlete or coach.

The POWERHANDZ Pop-Up Defender takes care of this with built-in storage space.

You can store your training gear and workout gear inside, eliminating the need for extra bags or equipment.

The storage space is also convenient for coaches who need to carry extra balls, cones, or markers for practice.

With everything in one place, you can focus on your training and leave the clutter behind.

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