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POWERHANDZ 3lb LaMelo "BE YOU" 1Ball Collection Weighted Basketball

POWERHANDZ 3lb LaMelo "BE YOU" 1Ball Collection Weighted Basketball

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Lamelo Ball Burner Red Edition Weighted Basketball

For Improving Ball Handling, Grip and Strength

Increase hand speed, muscle memory, and strength with a 3 lb. ball. Optimize your workout by improving your grip, strengthening your handles, and increasing the speed and distance of your basketball passes

    • Designed to strengthen fingers, wrists, and upper body in your daily basketball training sessions
    • It is made with heavy-duty synthetic leather for indoor and outdoor use. It looks and feels like a regulation basketball.
    • Created for athletes of every level.
    • Utilize our Weighted Anti-Grip Basketball Gloves and Dribble Sleeve to increase the intensity of your workout.
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